DefDog: Just In From Pentagon Source – Major General Qassem Soleimani Was In Iraq To Disperse the Campers and Ensure no Tehran-style Embassy Take-Over Attempt

Peace Intelligence

Trusted US Military Source Says:

Soleimani was in Baghdad to ensure the Shiite Arabs demonstrating in front of the embassy did not carry weapons or harm any Americans. Inside Iran more than half the population is glad he’s gone, but now fears war with us is inevitable and will destroy Iran.

Other comments:

There a million Iranians in the USA; 450,000 in the greater LA area. 98% are opposed to the Mullahs in Tehran, but Hizbollah has a large hub in Northern Mexico with a network across the US, close ties to the drug cartels and cooperative arrangements with Cuban and Venezuelan Intell operatives. Anyone who thinks killing Soleimani was not an act of war is crazy. They will find out the hard way.

Meanwhile, Erdogan in Ankara is cheering while he rescues the Sunni Islamist thugs in Syria for use in Libya, the Caucasus and Europe. He is the beneficiary who plans to annex Northern Iraq and Eastern Syria.


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