Mongoose: Alert Reader on Satanic Endgame WWIII

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Alert Reader writes in:

1. Iranians not terrorists, never had anything to do with ISIS, ISIL, Daesh and actually helped Syria fight them. Israel/America/City of London are the true terrorists. One time Gadhafi of Libya (while still alive) was interviewed by BBC as to what he would recommend be done to eliminate terrorism. He answered and said if a nuclear tipped cruise missile was sent to destroy the City of London (Business Section only), this would stop all terror. Hillary ordered that Libya be destroyed and Gadhafi executed. Why? Because Gadhafi was starting a new Rothschild independent gold back denarii money system for African nations and developing the world's largest irrigation system based on the mining of deep “primary” water which flows in excess all over the planet just like oil which is not a fossil fuel but a mineral in unlimited quantities.

2. Soleimani was not a terrorist, not planning to assassinate any American Soldiers or American Citizens, not planning any terror attacks.

3. Those advisors surrounding T are zionist stooges who are either deceptive liars or seriously mind-kontrolled or deeply human compromised.

4. T was conned by his advisors to murder Soleimani for Israel and their greater Israel plan to genocide all Arabs in the Mideast and then do the same to all Goyim worldwide through generating a nuclear WW3.

5. The only way to stop this is for Americans to expose Israel, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the City of London and the Worldwide Satanic Network as the perps that nuked the twin towers on 9-11-01 to all Americans; and get rid of the current mainstream media News Cartel which is run by the CIA through Vanguard in Switzerland. This means the law allowing USG propaganda to be purchased by the News Cartel must be rescinded and such must be made illegal as before Soetoro got the old Smith-Mundt Act changed .

6. All terrorism and so-called mass-shootings in gun free zones must be exposed as synthetic, pre-engineered deployed terror ops by Intel agencies run by the City of London and Telaviv and assisted by the FBI (esp Div. 5) and CIA and Pentagon.

7. The Vatican, City of London, DC nation-states all have their own territories, diplomats and comprise the economic/trade/political/ union called “Mystery Babylon” in he Bible. The Vatican was hijacked by the satanic Old Black Nobility and is the “head of the Luciferian Snake System”, the religious head of world Satanism. The City of London is the head of the monetary system. DC is the military enforcer for this evil empire. In the past every such evil empires based on Satanism was destroyed when God Almighty raised up another powerful entity to come against them and crush them. This was done to Ancient Babylonia, ancient Egypt, Rome, Nazis, Bolshevik/Stalinist Russia, and will likely now be done to the New Roman Empire “Mystery Babylon” (aka the Globalist NWO folks). The last evil empire of Satan to be crushed by God's judgment will likely be Communist China. Mystery Babylon will be taken down in one single day by a massive economic meltdown and death of the US Petro Dollar.

8. Nuclear war is wanted by the Satanists that run the world (probably fallen angels) who want the Holy land (also currently called Israel) nuked so that the they can build a new Temple of Solomon and begin preparations to seat their anti-Christ, Satan incarnate there. Jesus was the temple of God and when he was destroyed, he was “rebuilt” in 3 days. The hearts of believers are God's new temple and their will be no new temple of Solomon legitimately built, it is not needed.

9. Top Chabad and other Mideast leaders have already formed a secret agreement with the Vatican to manage the Holy Land and run it as a place for all religions. It is generally recognized by those involved that the Holy Land will be cleared by a limited nuclear war and then the Vatican will take over and prepare for the antichrist to appear and sit in the new temple of Solomon.

10. Jesus will minister to His own as all these events come to pass and His judgment is delivered to crush the Antichrist and all evil on Earth. We are not to worry but just live for him, have maximum faith in the Creator who can create by His word alone, and continue to preach the and live the Gospel of Jesus, but do not throw our pearls before swine.

11. As the Globalist NWO folks destroy the existing nations and cultures of the world to attain their agenda, what they do not realize is that Satan plans to dispose of all them as a last act before he sets up the antichrist. So by working to hard to destroy the world through generating maximum chaos to gain their NWO, they are in essence destroying themselves, their own families and their own families futures too. How's that for being blinded by Satan's lies?


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