Robert Steele: Ukrainian Aircraft False Flag Operation UPDATE 3 As Published in Iran

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It is my judgment, augmented by conversations with others, that the Ukrainian aircraft, which was TAKING OFF and CLIMBING at SLOW SPEED and AWAY from the airport, was BOMBED or shot down by remote hijacking of an Iranian surface to air missile as part of a regime change effort.  There is NO WAY that an alert crew would confuse the above signature with an INCOMING, DESCENDING, HIGH SPEED cruise missile.

This was a set up.  BOTH President Trump AND the Supreme Leader are being schlonged by an out of control secret intelligence mafia in a state of treason.

PS752 Shot Down In Regime Change Attempt

UPDATE 1: Details from Ian Greenhalgh of Veterans Today

The plane was flying low and slow, you could have taken it down with any
small SAM ever built, you wouldn't need anything sophisticated like a
Stinger, the old British Blowpipe missile that was supplied to the
Mujahideen before they got Stingers would do it.

All that happened was that a small missile hit the back of one of the
engines, which suggests a heatseeker warhead. Whatever the missile was,
it was fired from the ground close to the flight path of the aircraft.

The damage is clear in the photographs of the wreckage – one engine had
the back half melted/blasted away, the other was intact. Some large
pieces of the fuselage show peppering by small pieces of shrapnel from
the missile explosion. All of this is consistent with a small warhead
such as carried by a MANPAD missile or one of the small point defence
missiles such as the Russian Tor-M1, a large warhead such as carried by
a cruise missile would have done quite different, more extensive damage.

ROBERT STEELE: To the above I would add this high possibility that the Boeing aircraft was also remotely hijacked to drive it into the ground (normally a single engine hit could be extinguished, the heavy fuel load burned off which circling the airport, and then a safe landing achieved). The fireball when the aircraft hit the ground came from the fact that it was a DEPARTING aircraft FULL of fuel.

I believe the Supreme Leader and the Guard are taking the blame for this obvious attack by a Western secret intelligence service operative, a paid mercenary, or a paid member of the Iranian opposition, in order to avoid escalation.  There is a long history of such sacrifices being made, including Israel covering up France/UK shooting down the Russian ELINT plane to avoid WWIII over Syria and the US Government lying to its public about the face of the USS Scorpion (killed by Russia) and the USS Liberty (killed by Israel. The Ukrainian aircraft was shot down deliberately as a regime destabilization act.

UPDATE 2 Remote Hijack, Turn Off Transponder, Route Back Toward Missiles, Missiles on Auto See Threat and Fire, Remote Dive Into Ground

Delving Deeper into PS752

Phi Beta Iota: Ian Greenhalgh at Veterans Today has assembled a truly lovely and ably illustrated report that we highly recommend.  A plausible sequence of events for this false flag atrocity is as follows:

1. Remote hijacking (easy to do with Boeing which is designed for this) to first turn off the transponder and then turn the aircraft back toward the airport.

2. Missiles on auto do not see transponder, careless crews do not do sanity check (target speed, for one), one missile is fired and hits one engine — not enough to bring the aircraft down.

3. Remote hijacking drives the aircraft into the ground within viewing range of very large public, full fuel tanks explode (aircraft do not land with full fuel tanks, normal protocol is to spend four hours or more burning down the fuel, that the aircraft can stay aloft).

UPDATE 3 As Published in Iran

Robert Steele: WORLD WAR III: Was Ukrainian flight PS752 a Western false flag combining remote hijacking and transponder disabling to trigger two Tor-M1 missiles?


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