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ROBERT STEELE: Our secret intelligence community is designed to promote war and terrorism. If it were designed for peace and prosperity charts such as the one below, from Medard Gabel (long-time first assistant to Buckminster Fuller) would be widely-displayed.  We do not do holistic analytics or true cost economics precisely because that would reveal that war is a racket, a waste, designed as a profit center for the banks while looting nations and dispossing tens of millions (some of whom are “harvested” for elite pedophilia and body parts, others used as “resettlement” profit centers that also subvert cultures and nations.  Open borders and multiculturalism along with “anything goes” including pedophilia and transgenderism are nothing less than treason against the indigenous nation and public.

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Peace is vastly more profitable for all, but the profits of peace are distributed across the public, not concentrated among the banks, which is why they favor war over peace.

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