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There is sufficient information now available to conclude that the China Wuhan coronavirus was neither natural nor an accident.

Subject to deep joint Chinese-Russian-US investigation, the virus has been documented as having been bio-engineered, and it is possible that it was not an accidental escape from the Level 4 bio-war laboratory, but rather separately and deliberately spread to consume the Chinese government (keeping it from interfering in a planned attack on Iran) and destroy the Chinese economy (with massive profits made by insiders tradiing on advance knowledge, as they did with 9/11).

The role of a Jewish Harvard professor receiving $1.5 million from the Chinese to create this Level 4 bio-ware laboratory, in violation of all applicable US laws and regulations, remains to be properly investigated.

Radiation sickness presents as the flu. Perhaps the most important aspect of the Wuhan contagion, including totally anomalous outbreaks on cruise ships that are like airplanes, being radiated by 5G and Wi-Fi satellites from outer space, is the likely overlay of radiation sickness with the viral sickness. It is now known that 5G lowers human immunity and can both create its own viral (biological) anomalies, and make existing viral infections worse.

The truth-teller on the likely act of war and related insider trading is to be found in the manner in which the entire Western media, as if by pre-arrangement, turned a minor viral outbreak into the end of the world. Over 2.8 million people in China die from the normal flu each year. 1,000 is a train wreck, not the end of the world. A multinational investigation is recommended that scrutinized both all trades and all media stories to identity all individuals and organizations likely to have had advance knowledge and to be malicious witting participants in the wrecking of the Chinese and global economies, for profit.

This nine page white paper has been delivered to the White House and is being translated by the Chinese for their leadership and by the Russians for their leadership. There are many lessons to be learned and they are immediately applicable within the USA and other countries where similar bio-warfare and insider trading attacks are a future certainty.

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