Andrey Kortunov: Middle East Needs Crisis Management Mechanism

Peace Intelligence
Andrey Kortunov

A Crisis Management Mechanism in the Middle East Is Needed More Than Ever

. . .it is clear that there is more than ever a need for some crises-management mechanism able to mitigate the potential consequences of new incidents, miscalculations, risks of escalation and so on. The absence of such a mechanism is already a significant factor of instability since it constantly generates mistrust and raises suspicions about intentions of adversaries. The immediate goal is not to resolve all the existing security problems within the region, but to provide for more predictability and mutual confidence in dealing with unavoidable micro, mini- and mega-crises, which are already looming on the horizon. In that spirit, we would like to offer the following suggestions.

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ROBERT STEELE: A Multinational Decision Support Centre (MDSC), perhaps based in Beirut or Cairo or even Istanbul, would be a huge first step. What is lacking today is a reliable source of ground  truth that is able to combined both direct observation with absolute integrity, perhaps aided by having multinational “fact checkers” who in the aggregate achieve a “best truth.”

The same centre could have an Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) division, or be affiliated with a Multinational Development Command able to address specific non-military threats and needs including the desperate need for potable water.

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