#UNRIG VIDEO (32:33): Dr. Randy Short on Blacks Determining 2020, Advisory to President Trump: “Destroy Your Enemies”

Interviews BY Robert

Introduction and Biography Below the Fold

ROBERT STEELE: Dr. Randy Short is not well known outside the black community and the black church but he is perhaps one of the most insightful observers and educators we have — I recommend a full listen, he ends with a strong advisory to the President: DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES. I was impressed. America is at a cross-roads and I believe that VALUES as well as BLACKS will be the deciding factors in Election 2020. I will respond to useful comments and delete (ban) trolls as well as off-topic links. Let's focus on Dr. Short's message!

Dr. Randy Lancaster-Short, M.Div. is a Washington, D.C. native and a scholar, historian, human rights defender, social commentator, anti-eugenics advocate, free-lance journalist, writer, and social action/social justice missionary affiliated with the African Orthodox Church. Dr. White serves as a Washington DC aide de camp to Reverend William “Bill” Owens, President of the Coalition of African American Pastors, 7,000 in number. Short is a graduate of Howard University (B.S./Ph.D.), Harvard University (M.Div.), and the University of Virginia (M.Phil.). His Ph.D. in of African and African American history. In this video he answers questions about Black Americans leaving the Democratic Party, flocking to support President Trump (not necessarily the Republican Party), and how he would advise President Trump on achieving the Mother of All Landslides — his advice includes a complete pardon for all Native American and Black Panther leaders still in prison — our political prisoners.

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