NATO Innovation Challenge: Pandemic Response — What Next?

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Pandemic Response Innovation Challenge

Submit your solutions to:

– Identify false information and mitigate its effects
– Deliver supply to isolated individuals and teams

Compete in the NATO Innovation Challenge, get NATO-wide visibility and a chance to get support for the development of your solution.

ROBERT STEELE: The problem that NATO is always going to have is that it starts with the false assumption that the official narrative is correct, and anything that contradicts the official narrative is “false.” This is not a winning proposition.  As Ben Gilad so famously documented in his stellar book Busines Blindspots,

“Until you get the truth on the table, no matter how ugly it is, you are not in a position to deal with it.”

I have had the privilege of helping NATO since Alvin Toffler recommended me to them in 2000, and I hope that one day NATO might be, as I write in my most recent study, greater than the sum of its parts and able to offer winning innovation solutions to both the institution and its Member States.

As I wrote in my original overview article, this fake pandemic is a combination of bio-war attack, electro-magnetic pre-attack, and information war attack. A a multinational counterintelligence study is needed. A real attack — this time with many  real dead — is now anticipated for August 2020. Neither NATO nor the USA will be ready because they did not do the counterintelligence.


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NATO BOOK: Internet-Based Intelligence in Public Health Emergencies

2013 Robert Steele Foreword to NATO Book on Public Intelligence for Public Health

2000 ONE WORLD, READY OR NOT: From National Capabilities to Global Coverage Through a Virtual Intelligence Community Coordinated by NATO/PfP


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NATO OSINT to OSE/M4IS2 Round-Up 2.0

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