Robert Steele: Jared Kushner, Shadow President — Coronavirus 5G Opportunity for a Revolution?


I and most of my professional colleagues hold Jared Kushner in high disdain. At one level  this is a man-child , slum-lord, agent of a foreign power (Israel) who also took a $1 billion bribe from Qatar, which should have seen him immediately expelled from the White House and denied all clearances.

Many of us also believe that Ivanka Trump was profiled — as was Chelsea Clinton — by Ghislaine Maxwell (Mossad officer and pedophilia pimp) — and manipulated into a marriage of “capture” by a competing tribe that actually hates our President.

At another level, however, he appears to have value to the President in two ways:

First, he is and always will be a Democrat as well as “friendly” toward perverts (especially Zionist billionaire trans-sexuals such as Epstein funder Les Wexner). This is the “go to” guy for the Clintons, Obamas, Bezos of the world.  Kushner could be the “Jimmy Savile” of the USA. These odious Democrats and very wealthy perverts think of him as their “penetration” (pun intended) of the Trump White House. To the extent that the President can use Jared Kushner to pulse the enemy, he has value to the President.

Second, and this is new, he clearly understands — as does the President — that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is owned by Big Pharma and in a constant state of treason against the public interest. He clearly understands that they are lying to the White House and that new sources of information are needed. While the outreach to Facebook was infantile, it was also inspired. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) at the kindergarten level is, at least, OSINT. I sense great frustration on the part of the President who is forced to turn to in-house children when top guns like Mike Flynn, Bill Binney, and me are out here.

We all now know — including Xi, Trump, and Putin and the Supreme Leader of Iran (Italy is still in question) — that 5G is the major culprit as I originally wrote in my holistic counterintelligence analysis for the Tehran Times. Most do not realize that China got a grip so quickly recently, after months of failure, by turning 5G off.  Presto. The truth at any cost lowers all other costs. Iran is about to do the  same. Now it is for the President to get a grip and demand that 5G and satellite microwave be frozen (5G) and reduced (satellite microwaves).

Now, to give Kushner his due, imagine if he went after open source knowledge on 5G and persuaded the President that 5G needs to be turned off? THAT would be a major contribution.

I hope the President directs the Attorney General to do a  RICO investigation and also support a massive class action lawsuit against the Internet Service Providers, satellite operators, and cruise lines for radiation sickness compounded by false imprisonment — this will EDUCATE the public.

Fundamental to every challenge is a holistic analysis of all possible cause and effect combinations. CIA is an abject failure at domestic health counterintelligence because it refuses to be serious about meeting the President's needs, as Ellen Seidman of the National Economic Council stated so clearly in the 1990's — CIA is worthless to the President against virtually all threats.  General Tony Zinni is on record: “at best” 4% of his needs were met by the secret world.

In the virus case there are five aspects that a proper OSINT unit in the White House would have immediately addressed:

01 deliberate act of war by Israel and/or others dropping real bioengineered threat into Wuhan, Milan and Qom;

02 5G both lowering immunity and creating radiation sickness;

03 lowered immunity from pollution as well as bad food, water;

04 existing flu season vastly greater than the corona virus;

05 media weaponized for insider trading and deliberate wrecking of the economy.

A proper estimative intelligence report would have put the full resources of he US Government against media manipulation and insider trading; put Bill Gates on notice — his life is over for all practical purposes — and focused on calming the public with real facts such as the chart below from the CDC on normal flu, and on increasing public immunity while protecting the vulnerable.

CDC clearly saw the virus coming and played to their wishes,  to make it a pandemic and get lots of money from it. Every major “leader” at CDC should be fired, and the media should be penalized heavily for fear-mongering.

Here are other recent “pandemics” that were sure to kill billions:

SARS – 2004
AVIAN – 2008
SWINE – 2010
MERS – 2012
EBOLA – 2014
ZIKA – 2016
EBOLA – 2018

Here is the absolute best video on the 5G role in all of this:

And here is the last word on immune defenses (instead of all the lab bullshit):

Here are three Common Sense actions for ANYONE to protect your Immune Health: 1) If you are immuno-compromised, don't expose yourself to those with viruses/infections; 2) Strengthen your immune system by ensuring at least adequate Vitamin A, D, C; and, 3) Demand Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean Food from those you have elected. The video below will educate you on strengthening yourself:

The bottom line is that the plumber and sanitation worker have done a thousand times more than pharmacists or doctors to reduce infectious disease. The lawyer-lobbyist class have destroyed the infrastructure in America – delivering us Dirty Air, Water and Food.

I nailed this the minute I looked at it back in February.  No one else in government that I know of can make this claim. It is time the President got proper Human Intelligence (HUMINT) support. The Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (USDI) can create an Open Source Agency and the below Presidential capabilities overnight, with or without me. It won't work without me, and my global rolodex and knowledge of methods not known to CIA, but eventually USDI will figure out that I have the codebook.

The current plans for spending by both CDC and DARPA and others, are threatening to public health. They should be frozen until a complete counterintelligence analysis is completed, the threat is properly understood, and a sane balanced counter-strategy can be put into place. Here is my favorite Senate-level guidance on the matter of threat and spending, from one of the greatest Senators and Chairmen of the Senate Armed Service Committee (SASC) in all history:

I am constantly being asked for a bottom-line defense number.  I don’t know of any logical way to arrive at such a figure without analyzing the threat; without determining what changes in our strategy should be made in light of the changes in the threat; and then determining what force structure and weapons program we need to carry out this revised strategy.

CDC is not analyzing the threat. CDC is pimping for Big Pharma.

Investing in public education and public immunity building will provide ten to one hundred times the return on investment that might be found in any investment in fake vaccines that can also be used to implement digital ID.

Below is the domestic threat pyramid I published in the mid-1990's. We have done nothing since then to get serious about any of these.

Click on Image to Enlarge

Mr. President, take my hand, please. You do not have to go along with this fake pandemic. Let's round up the top 100 perpetrators, give them a tour of Guantano, turn off 5G, and get America back to work.  End the fear.

Semper Fidelis,
Robert David Steele

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