Robert Steele: Weak Signal Trump is a Genius, Corona Cover Up for Massive Military Takedown of the Deep State

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I would certainly be glad if this were so.


US taking over Germany, wiping out Gladio nests, Norway next? Nuremberg 2.0 being talked about within German military.

ROBERT STEELE: I'm just a village idiot sitting in his basement watching the world go by. So I have no direct knowledge. Below is a video sent to me with the suggestion that I watch from the 14:50 mark — this is a 2010 account of a 2005 meeting in London in which a biowar attack against China in 2020 was explicitly discussed. There are three options: 1) the plan was carried out; 2) someone in 2019 decided they needed do do a biowar and looked around for one that was predicted; and 3) the White Hats, totally pissed off by 9/11, started thinking deeply about taking down the Deep State, got word of the 2005 meeting, and set their calendar for taking down the Deep State in 2020 with Xi forewarned. Only time will tell. On balance I continue to bet on President Donald Trump and the White Hats behind him (not to be confused with the posers around him).

For my retarded take absent this special knowledge, see:

Robert Steele: Memorandum for the President on Coronavirus COVID-19, 5G, New BioWar Attacks, Need for Counterintelligence Study on Continuing Hybrid War Against You, the US Economy, & Others

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