#UNRIG Video (43:57) Professor Robert Dover and Former Spy Robert Steele on Intelligence (Spying) and Ethics

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Robert Steele, former spy and author, interviews Professor Rob Dover of England, one of the top scholars and authors on the intelligence profession, whose co-edited work Routledge Companion to Intelligence Studies is a standard in the field, and whose new book on how technology has disrupted (and perhaps undermined) the craft of intelligence (spying, espionage, analysis, decision-support).

Together they address eight questions:

1. What is intelligence?

2. How is intelligence tradecraft changing?

3. The politicization of intelligence.

4. Intelligence and society — has the public lost faith in government’s truthfulness?

5. Information warfare versus information peacekeeping.

6. Hybird warfare is not intelligence (intelligence should not do covert operations?)

7. Crypto interception — a success or a failure?

8. What is principled intelligence? Is there a place for ethics in intelligence?

Reference books:

Routledge Companion to Intelligence Studies

Principled Spying: The Ethics of Secret Intelligence

Reinventing Intelligence: 30 Years in the Wilderness


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