Charles Hugh Smith: Killing the Scam Economy — A Good Thing?

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Charles Hugh Smith

What’s Collapsing Can’t Be Saved: Our Fraudulent Economy

We’ve reached that point: we can no longer deny the U.S. economy is little more than a grab-bag of skims, scams, fraud and corruption. 

Every institution in America is little more than a cover for insider profiteering via skims, scams, rackets, fraud and embezzling schemes, all sanctified as “legal” via a thoroughly corrupted legal system and judiciary.

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ROBERT STEELE: He ends on a negative note.  I see the positive. The President is clearing the way for a new free energy full ethics economy. Charles Hugh Smith is brilliantly correct about the degree to which the economy has been financialized and every aspect of the economy turned into a scam, or what one author has called a “cheating culture.” There is nothing worth saving here. Imagine if we could reconstitute the economy on the basis of ethics and open source everything engineering, with a focus on localization and self-sustainment at the county and state levels. Imagine if the new economy ended the 50% waste and 90% profiteeering characteristic of what we have today? Imagine if income taxes were eliminated at the same time that there is a debt jubilee perhaps including rents and mortgages, along with an end to absentee land ownership and the opening of the west with the return of most lands taken from the states? All signs point to the 2nd American Revolution being underway.

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