Yoda: The Overlooked Cure for Everything? Master Mineral Solution (MMS) by Jim Humble, UPDATE 2 Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) All Physicians Authorized

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Recommended by a PhD/MD who personally tested this. Her observation: around the world, where people have been taking anti-malarial treatments, the presence of COVID-19, is virtually non-existent.

Our take: merits Presidential inquiry.

Video and comments below the fold.

WARNING NOTICE: Solutions proposed by Jim Gamble are NOT NOT NOT bleach or chlorine or any other stupid ass interpretation. If you do not understand him, do nothing. Better yet, find an honest doctor to guide you.


MMS is not overlooked. It has been known about for a long time and simply taken out of public domain. If widely available to the public, it is a disaster to the order of things imposed on us. It is targetted already, and this is not the first time. The prior targeting had US distributors ditching the thing and one of them still in jail. There was a fake and highly publicized death tied to it in Australia years back, having led to a ban there. I've been taking this for years. It, on the spot, addresses the lack of oxygen in the bloodstream and on cellular level/acidosis. How acidosis is created is a topic in itself. In any case, it brings the oxygen into the bloodstream and, basically, neutralizes all harmful debris with a (+) charge. In a sense, it feeds the enemy. MMS can be directly applied by all folks on all conditions with no need for high fees and intermediaries. This does not fit within the paradigm of the controllers, so they are on high alert already. Same old.

US Authorities Demand Church Stop Selling ‘Miracle Mineral Solution' Cure for COVID-19


Please look at Andreas Kalcker website andreaskalcker.com, if you have not. All his contributions are being erased as this thing gets publicity. This is real, and it works like a charm. It can't substitute for good nutrition, but given what is thrown at us, it does the job of first-line defense. It does not “kill” anything. It gives all deadly agents what they look for – an electron. And it renders them inert. It purifies the blood, first. And -goes through the rest of the body parts next. The only thing that gets aggravated by this is a variety of black mold. It might be Morhellon/nanowires-related or black goo related or electromagnetic-related. I speak from personal experience, and what allowed to combat this was calcium bentonite clay (Living Clay). Courtesy of Jim Humble. I feel the management is testing the system for the big one, so we need all help there is to abort.

Coronavirus Special Information for Physicians and Researchers

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has been used for over 100 years to combat all types of bacteria, viruses and fungi successfully. It acts as a disinfectant, since in its mode of action it turns out to be an oxidant. [1# BiologicalEfficacyList ] It is very similar to the way our own body acts, for example in phagocytosis, where an oxidation process is used to eliminate all kinds of pathogens.

Every Physician is authorized to use new or unproven preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures according to the HELSINKI WORLD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION STATEMENT – Section No. 37 (This would be the case with chlorine dioxide)

*The respective national legislation must be observed in any case, and in particular its provisions for use in the event of a national emergency


References Coronavirus

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