James McCanney: World Energy Water Project Investor Alert


Investor Marketing White Paper – Combined Technologies
JMCC WING, LLC – World Energy Water Project

The World Energy Water Project will solve Energy and Water problems. The marriage of the Patent Pending-Trademark “JMCC WINGTM Generator” with the 19 year old JMCC Water Filter business would not have been possible a few years ago. The energy source is the JMCC WINGTM Generator, a high torque low cost wind energy system which can be configured with dozens of applications from “Small” (for Farm & Ranch & Eco-Villages), “Medium” (commercial power for islands and remote locations) to “Large” (for replacement of coal/nuclear plants).

Add-on appliances include eV Car Charging Stations, Reverse Osmosis Desalination, Atmospheric Water Generators, Water Filtration & Pumping & Storage, Electric Furnaces, Electric Motors, Compressors, electrical power in all international standards, etc.. The WING Generator will provide energy for small to large applications for electric transportation, water treatment, Crypto Mining and Cooling, Token Energy Exchange, Direct Heating and ultimately the replacement of coal and nuclear power plants. Direct marketing and sale of electricity & water.

PDF (45 Pages): World Energy Water Project White Paper updated 05162020

ROBERT STEELE: I endorse this project without reservation.  This is the kind of project that President Donald J. Trump should be embracing as part of his Make America Great Again campaign, with the objective of breaking up all the mega-farms owned by absentee landords, restoring the family farm, and making every county (all 3,000 plus of them) in America self-sufficient in water and energy terms.  This will also allow the opening of a new frontier across the West and illegally seized federal lands are returned to the states, these lands now being viable for habitation because of inventions such as this.  In combination with his plan to covert all shopping malls into localized aqua and aero ponics farms, it could be that James McCanney is one of the founding father of a new restored United States of America.

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