#UNRIG Video (1:36): Sidney Powell: Threat to the Deep State?

Video Drops

ROBERT STEELE: There are multiple RICO investigations that need to be underway, and it may well be that Attorney General Barr is already focused on naked short selling as well as BigPharma.  I suspect he is not yet focused on black depopulation by NIH and CDC and the Gates Foundation, something I address with Dr. Judy Mirkovits in our latest video.  There is no Supreme Court Justice today who truly represents We the People — they are all the “best of the suits” who out-thought and out-wrote everyone else and more praise to them for that, but when it comes to actually taking on the Deep State and the Shadow Government and demanding that the rule of law apply to those making and enforcing the rules, Sidney Powell is in a class of her own. Managing a RICO investigation for our President and as a direct report to the Attorney General could be the perfect bridge job pending an opening on the Supremes.  In my humble opinion.

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