#UNRIG Video (18:32) Energy Wellness! Steve Lepkowski of Body Align Endorsed by Robert David Steele

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Steve Lepkowski has been studying Energy Wellness since 2002 and is the founder of Body Align.

He graduated from Clarkson College of Technology in 1984 with a Mechanical Engineering degree and received his MBA from Duke University in 2002.

Steve was a head engineer at Texas Instruments for over 23 years and lead a team of 140 engineers that developed their patents for 2G and 3G. Some of these patents are still used in 4G.

In 2006 he and his partner were the first people in the World to add frequencies to 3D Holographic discs that had a positive biological effect on the human body.

This technology has multiple University Studies which have shown significant improvement in the overall wellness of its subjects.

You can read about them at https://bodyalign.com/pages/studies

Since 2010 Steve and his partners have been working an energy wellness solution that helps mitigate the harmful effect of EMF Radiation.

EMF Radiation comes from Cell Phones, WIFI’s, Laptops, Pads, and most electronic devices we all us on a daily basis and with the rollout of 5G this EMF Radiation is going to increase greatly.

The good news is Steve and his partners came up with a solution to protect you and your family from this EMF Radiation and you can get it now at https://BodyAlign.com

If you decide to get Body Aligns EMF Protection use discount code RDS007 to get 20% OFF your purchase.

Body Align has sold millions of Holographic discs around the world and gives a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all of its Energy Wellness products.

Robert says: They tell me they have less than a 1% return rate. I am trying both the disk and the wrist band out — from where I sit, there is no downside to buying into the possibilities of this stuff. I agreed to do this because I believe we need to get a better grip on positive energy.


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