#UNRIG Video (35:56) Ben & Tina Garrison, America’s Conservative Cartoon Couple

Interviews BY Robert

Ben and Tina Garrison are the creators of both commercial info-graphics that explain very complex topics in clear illustrated form, and of the greatest set of cartoons on the Deep State and its ways and means that we have ever seen. President Donald Trump is a fan. They have been ruthlessly attacked by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), including actions that are criminally and civilly liable such as defamation and tortious interference, with considerable financial harm done to them by the ADL, which is an unregistered agent of a foreign power, Zionist Israel (not to be confused with the Jewish faith). The ADL has gone so far as to corrupt the Wikipedia page on them, which falsely and maliciously defames them as anti-Semitic. I, Robert David Steele, former spy recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017, am celebrating this couple today both to stand by their side, and to encourage everyone who believes in my brand of truth-telling and American First to donate to them or commission work from them. These good people are struggling when they should not be — they are the best and the brightest of our generation, and I pray that all of you will be inspired to go to the below website and explore their value to America. Donate if you can. Tell others.

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