Amazon Kindle: TRUMP TRIUMPH: Three Big Moves, Three Smaller Moves: Blacks, Wall Street, #UNRIG – Web 3.0, Free Energy, Full Disclosure (Trump Revolution Book 53)

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There are six moves the President can and should make before Election Day – he has already taken steps to avert the planned EMP attack for 19 October (10-19 or 119 without the zero).

01 BY 19 JUNE 2020: Reconcile with and embrace authentic black leaders, signing an Executive Order on 19 June 2020 and ideally integrating a very large black contingent – and the black leaders themselves, into his rally that day.

02 by 4 JULY 2020: Act on the recommendations at and in my forthcoming Memorandum for the President: Licensed to Steal – by recovering, through civil and criminal forfeiture, over $100 trillion stolen by Wall Street through naked short selling and money laundering, he will have all the funding he needs to restore peace and prosperity to Main Street to include a complete make-over of the US economy to focus on localization and Made in America sustainability across all production domains. Eradicating white collar crime across Wall Street will double the capital markets and make $25 million IPOs possible again.

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