Gordon Duff: Trump Is Finished — Robert Steele, Not So Fast . . .

07 Health

Trump’s Presidency, Such as it Was, Ended Some Weeks Ago, Then Things Got Worse, Much Worse

VT has an initial diagnosis, after conferring with real medical specialists. Trump has had either a stroke, most likely, Parkinson’s Disease or has a brain tumor.

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ROBERT STEELE: It is indeed possible the President has had a minor stroke and is beginning to suffer from Parkinson's. It is also possible the President has been attacked with High Energy Radio Frequency (HERF) weapons that the Secret Service may not have geared up for — Winn Schwartau was testing  these in the early 1990's and intelligence services as well as private military contractors are known to have them today. What Gordon, whose views I respect, appears not to have considered is the President's access to healing technologies that have been kept from the marketplace. My personal view is that the President is on track for a win in November 2020, but it is also my hope he will listen to the two videos I have produced in his support, there are ideas there that will substantially improve his margin of victory.  Separately I continue to be believe that Cynthia McKinney should replace Mike Pence as Vice President, ideal would have been on 19 June but the President's staff appears incapable of thinking really big thoughts in really small timeframes.

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