Dr. Richard Bartlettt on COVID-19 Cure – Time to Hang Fauci at Lafayette Square

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ROBERT STEELE: From my first article in mid-February 2020, I nailed all of this. Fauci is a despicable little shit who should be hung (metaphorically speaking) in Lafayette Square at the same time that the President asks all citizens to burn their masks that are depriving them of oxygen and increasing their changes of respiratory infections.

Interview A Counterintelligence Perspective on the Wuhan Virus – A Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack?

Here are the contrarian doctors, including my favorite Dr. Ron Paul, who have been calling Fauci out as a sorry ass scumbag comitting treason against the public while faithfully serving the Deep State.  ENOUGH ALREADY!

Arthur Firstenberg
Dr Joel Kettner
Dr John Ioannidis
Dr Peter Goetzsche
Dr Pietro Vernazza
Dr Sucharit Bhakdi
Dr Wolfgang Wodarg
Dr Yanis Roussel et.al.
Dr Yoram Lass
Dr. David Katz
Dr. Eric Berg
Dr. John Ioannidis
Dr. Rashid Buttar
Dr. Ron Paul
Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai
Dr. Thomas Cowan
Frank Ulrich Montgomery
George Carlin
Jon Rappoport
Michael T. Osterholm
Paul Doyon
Peter Diamandis
Prof. Hendrik Streeck
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Memo for POTUS – The Resurrection of the USA – Your Legacy, 200 Years, Must Be Systemic

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