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Ann Delap is a Food Service Consultant specializing in the design of schools, restaurants and corporate facilities.  She was born and raised in East TN to school teacher parents and currently resides in Knoxville.  She graduated from Auburn University in 1973 with a degree in interior design.  She operated an old and rare bookshop with her late husband, Jim Delap, from 1985 – 1998.  Most of her working career was spent as Sr. Project Manager for a food service equipment dealer and, prior to that, project designer for an architectural firm.

For a time she had a brief modeling career including commercials and crime shows, the latter most often as the inert murder victim or an extra — her most complex scene involved being mauled by a bear.

Her interest in esoteric subjects such as UFOs and ancient civilizations began at an early age and piqued in 2017 when she learned of William Tompkins’ book Selected by Extraterrestrials.  She has been an avid researcher of all things strange and unusual ever since and has written commentary on various works by others. Her library includes many books on the JFK assassination.

ROBERT STEELE: Ann Delap provided the summary paragraphs for two of the most important video series we have ever posted, and over time her intelligence, integrity, and imagination have impressed me no end.

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