Ed Jewett: Video on Surprise EMP Attack [Robert Steele: Video Wrong — Primary Threat Deep State / Red Mafiya & US Military-Industrial Complex NOT China, Iran, or Russia]

08 Wild Cards, Peace Intelligence

U.S. infrastructure effects begin at 9:00.

EMP.  Why don't we talk about electromagnetic pulse risks more?  Recent U.S. government documents see an attack as not only possible, but the first choice of countries like Iran, Russia, China and North Korea.  So much so that an Executive Order in 2019 tasked the Departments of Homeland Security and Energy to assess options to increase “resilience” before and after an attack.

CIA officials think even a moderate sized nuclear weapon detonated at the right altitude above the center of the U.S. could knock out power for most of the country.  With no power, food, water, gasoline and telecommunications networks have a likelihood of failing.

A Federal Energy Regulatory Commission report suggests that if just 9 of 55,000 substations in key locations were destroyed and one transformer manufacturer was disabled, the entire U.S. grid “would be down for at least 18 months, probably longer.”

In 2013, an anonymous attack on a Silicon Valley substation knocked out the facility for 27 days — a PG&E official called it a “dress rehearsal.”

So, what scenarios have been delivered to Congress deemed more likely to occur than others?  And how would an EMP propagate through the U.S. grid?  It's [redacted] is taking a look in today's episode, and be sure to share with everyone you know.  Don't be afraid, but be aware.

ROBERT STEELE:  This may be a cover / disinformation video. The real threat is the Deep State and Red Mafiya including the long-standing Zionist “Samson Option” that Sy Hersh has documented.  China, Iran, and Russia all have electromagnetic neutralization options (including taking down all our satellites essential to communications, computing, and geospatial positioning). They know an overt attack on the USA is neither necessary nor advisable.

As the video does not, taking out electrical transformers (50 caliber bullets will do the job nicely from a distance with no risk of discovery), is a non-nuclear threat that is very real.

What I am hearing and seeing is massive panic on the part of the Deep State and Red Mafiya.  Extreme options are being considered. I believe President Trump is fully aware and working diligently to shut down true (as opposed to fake) catastrophic terrorism by our own USA military-industrial complex that is completely corrupt and completely out of control.

It merits comment that there is no separation between Great Britain, Israel, and the Zio-Con traitors in the USA, many of whom control key elements of the most secretive horrific elements of the US military-industrial complex.

The good news is that I am also receiving many indicators that NSA has been on the job for four years in a way never before envisioned, and we don't just have it all in storage, we have the entire military-industrial complex and the Zio-Cons particularly, mapped down to the “by name” level without exception.

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