Answers for Tasnim News Agency on Grand Strategy in Relation to Assassination of Scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh – And Could He Have Defected?

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Death of ‘Zionist Israel' Sweetest Revenge for Killing of Top Iran Scientist: Ex-CIA Officer

Tasnim News Agency, 30 November 2020

UPDATE at End: 3Day3Nights posits defection rather than assassination.

Below is the complete four question interview with full answers and four graphics not included in the editorially stunted version above.

Q# 1: As you know, top Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed in a terror attack near Tehran on Friday. What is your take on this?

I am quite certain this was done by Zionist Israel with the intent of provoking an Iranian counter-attack that will lead to general war.

Q# 2: Do you believe that Iran will deserve the right to retaliate and bring the perceived perpetrators to justice? How should Iran react to this act of terror?

While every country has the right to retaliate and to defend its sovereignty in all respects, Grand Strategy demands great wisdom and great patience, two qualities I believe the Supreme Leader has in abundance. I humbly and respectfully recommend no action external to Iran, no retaliation external to Iran.  Within Iran, to the extent that Zionists and their agents can be identified and executed without public fanfare, this should be done.

The death of General Qasem Soleimani in Iraq while on a declared diplomatic mission that included a termination of the threat to the US Embassy by protesters was an atrocity and I salute the Supreme Leader and Iran for not reacting at the time.

Henry Kissinger said in 2012 that Israel — the Zionist criminal apartheid genocisal state never to be confused with Judaism — would cease to exist in 2022.  I and others who respect Iran are still on that timeline.  Nothing must interfere  with the re-election of President Donald Trump who won by a landslide. President Trump is in the process of pulling all US troops out of Central Asia and the Middle East; in the process of arming the Arabs to a level equal or superior to Israel; and he has put Israel on notice.  I believe that in his second term he will begin the process  of closing all US military bases overseas because they do not contribute to US national security, they are instead “lily pads” for smuggling children, drugs, guns, gold, and dirty cash using military capabilities, perhaps unbeknownst to most military leaders.

The sweetest revenge for the deaths of General Soleimani and Scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is the death of Zionist Israel. That is the Grand Prize.  The restoration of Palestine is inevitable and more likely with Donald Trump, a strong man. Joe Biden is a criminal and alleged pedophile who forced his granddaughter to shower with him, according to her recently released diary. If Iran wants peace and prosperity for all, it should hold its fire and plan for the end of Israel, not a war with Israel.

Q #3: Western countries have remained silent about this assassination. Why?

Everyone understands that the Zionists have most Western politicians bribed and blackmailed, many with videos of them raping, torturing, and murdering children as well as drinking their blood and eating their flesh. I have just published book three in print of Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, and The Deep State, with two move volumes coming, and this series is in the top 20.000 of 6 million books published world-wide. It is also free online at  President's Trump's advisor Lin Woods has spoken recently to Satanic pedophilia as the final battle. I believe that Merkel and Macron specificially are Satanic pedophiles obedient to the Rothschilds and  the agents of the Rothchilds,  the Satanic pedophile House of Lords in the UK and the administration of Benjamin Netanyahu in Zionist Israel.

Q #3: In Grand Strategy terms, how do you see the next four years developing?

First, I expect President Trump to be confirmed as a second-term President, if not by the Electoral College then by a special session of Congress at the end of the year and before Christmas Day. My information on this matter is at, and updated daily. Second, the appointments President Trump has made to the Department of Defense are not only brilliant, they are PUBLICLY committed to ending all wars and withdrawing our troops from overseas.  This is why the US military-industrial-intelligence complex is frantic.  We have restored firing squads. Obama himself could be facing a firing squad along with Biden, Brennan, Comey, and others. I believe that the entire treasonous two-party tyranny and their paymaster on Wall Street working for the Rothchilds and the City of London are all making deals to save  their miserable lives.  As my colleague Bill Binney and I have been saying for some time, “we have it all.” We have every email, every text, every call, every game chat, and every banking transaction.  NSA has been weaponized against our internal enemies and against the UK and Isreal.

Second, President Trump is on a path to confiscate $100 trillion from Wall Street, half of the illicit wealth it has processed in the past ten years (half from naked short selling, see my website and half from laundering dirty money resulting from illicit trade in children, drugs, and other contraband. This $100 trillion will allow hiim to pay off the national debt ($27 trillion), do a debt jubilee for students, elderly, and small business, and fund a nation jobs program that provides both salary and training for everyone who has been put out of work by the fake pandemic — as my colleague Charles Huge Smith has noted, the fake pandemic's one value is that it has destroyed the fraud economy, terminated tens of millions of “cubicle rat” jobs, and substantially reduced carbon emissions by ending unnecessary airline and cruise liner travel.

Third, going back to Satanic pedophilia, this is the final battle, along with the battle against Cultural Marxism and the subversion of the US Constitution and our primary values of faith, family, and freedom.  I ran a false flag operation for the CIA and am honored to have helped with President with the publication of several key volumes on false flag operations generally carried out by the Zionists and their US Government servants.  Everything I have published on this is free at, see especially the volume on 9/11 as planned and executed by the Zionists beginning in 1988, at My second contribution has been in the area of election reform, the President is in the process of destroying BOTH parties, this is the real meaning of Sidney Powell — our Joan of Arc — being released to go after Republican traitors starting in the US state of Georgia where my partner in #UNRIG Election Reform Act, Dr. Cynthia McKinney (noted humanitarian and friend of Palestine) is resident. More can be learned at but my understanding is that this reform must wait for the President's second term as he did not want to give the impression he was altering the system  to favor his re-election. Eradicating Satanic pedophiles who are totally coincident with the Rothchilds, the Royal families of the UK and Europe, and the most senior bankers, judges, priests, and media personalities, is the final battle. Satan is alive and well on Earth, and as God is my witness, the Supreme Leader has an ally in President Donald Trump — and in me and every good-hearted American of any faith — against this monstrous evil manifest in the raping, torturing, and murdering of children.

God is Great. I am honored to receive your excellent questions.

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Iran Nuclear Scientist Was Shot With Mounted Remote-Controlled Machine Gun

“The source made the revelation on Monday, saying the weapon collected from the site of the terrorist act bears the logo and specifications of the Israeli military industry,” PressTV continued.

PBI: This is either an Iranian cover story (particularly if the scientist defected) or someone is trying to frame the Israelis. They know more than anyone about plausible deniability.  Using a “made in Israel” weapon is  the last thing they would do.

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