Mongoose: The Pedophilia – Transvestite Aspect of the Biden-Harris-Schumer-Pelosi Fraudulent Candidacy


That Joe Biden is an alleged pedophile is long known. That he forced his grand-daughter to shower with him, as well as how he used his dope-head son  to move hundreds of millions in illicit wealth, is also known now.

Less known is the possibility that Kamala Harris may be a foreign-born transvestite, or that the Dominion vote fraud company is totally immersed in pedophilia and murderous pedophilia culture of the red shows.

We have no direct knowledge.  But we can tell sketchy when we see it.

Learn more about Satanic pedophiles including Biden here:

Follow our coverage of the President’s triumph over fraud here:


Tweet on Dominion Vote Fraud Owners & Red Shoes (Pedophilia and Murderous Pedophilia Implications)

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