Robert Steele: Reflections on Taking Down #GoogleGestapo (aka BigTech or FAANG) and MSM


A core aspect of showing foreign control is discovery that maps exactly who introduced the term hate speech, who suggested modifications to corporate terms of reference that now “allow” deflatforming, and who was put in as “trusted flaggers.”

At the end of the day you will find that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Zionist Silicon Valley war room ostensibly against anti-Semitism, is in fact the unregistered agent of a foreign power as well as of Deep State actors who are traitors to the USA, and they were installed because the Rothschilds and their assigns told all these companies in which they hold controlling interest that they needed to do this. CIA rogue elements — not the normal good people in the cubicles but the absolute bad actors that work for Wall Street which created CIA in the first place to serve as their secret control element within the USG — have also played a major role.

A precedent ecology is that of insider trading and commercial as well as scientific & technical  espionage including outright theft conducted by the Zionists and the British — the Chinese and Russians have always been the second string compared to what was done with PROMIS and other human penetrations of NSA and USG IT generally and especially now within DHS where Chertoff turned it into what some call “the Jewish agency. ” $100 trillion has been stolen in the last ten years by Wall Street from Main Street led by Goldman Sachs along with Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan and smaller boutique companies like Citadel; $100 trillion has been laundered in the same time frame, and I speculate that hundreds of billions have been vacuumed from the public by Israel using over 20,000 charity fronts and online orchestration inclusive of lies — and then there is all the money that has been stolen from DoD and HUD, Catherine Austin Fitts can be cranky but has deep knowledge there.

It all boils down to using information technology to enrich the 1% and control the 99%. They over-stepped and this now makes a counter-revolution possible.

You are probably aware of the varied important but underfunded s well as uncoordinated class actions from Prager, Dustin Nemos, and others, no one has had the resources to map five things that matter:

01 the technology that makes cheating and censoring so easy — indeed the systems are so rotten that a single annoyed Google employee can digitally assassinate a company just because they don't like it — there is very little oversight at the code and tagging level — I wrote the first warning letter to the White House in 1994 and was ignored.

02 the introduction over time of the anti-Semetic (“it's a trick we use”) war machine to scale up to pervasive censorship of conservatives and truthers. I am quite sure that the ADL as well as Media Matters and others can be found guilty of massive cyber-stalking — a federal crime — across all domains.  Another “trick” they use is to have many trolls report a person's website as pornographic or as having malware — the security companies, particularly McAfee, are too lazy to check and there is no easy way to reverse this  defamation and tortious interference.

03 We need to map the specific parties who have been cyber-stalked and then digitally assassinated over time — the aggregate crimes against humanity by media and social media are gargantuan — NSA can quickly create a “map” of who did what to whom when, it just needs to be ordered up.

04 We need to map the specific thoughts or expressions that have been censored and how they map to Deep State interests.

05 We need to establish the cost to commerce and society as well as the individuals of what is arguably the most pervasive form of tortious interference in history. Don't forget to include funding and donation platforms in your ecology, hundreds of major alternative media voices have lost not just their life's work (e.g. from YouTube) but also their ability to raise funds.  An important distinction must be  made between deplatforming for stated cause and conspiracy with an outside party which makes it both tortious interference as well as conspiracy qualifying for triple damages.

At the end of the day this will not be won in the courts but rather with RICO investigations, legislation, education of the public, and an Open Source Agency that can create Web 3.0 with data at rest encryption and blockchain data integrity (it is to easy to literally change emails while in transit or even after they arrive in your device).

The legislation must forbid deplatforming without due process of law — particularly so where the service privider is a virtual monopoly such as in the case of Microsoft, Automattic (WordPress), and PayPal and Stripe.  There also needs to be a 24/7 Internet court able to overule deplatforming on the basis of prima f acie evidence.  The real problem here is that the companies are too easily influenced by Deep State deep pocket shareholders, and also too easily hacked or leveraged by ADL and — more recently — East Asians.

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