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ACCESS: Theory and Practice of Intelligence in the Age of Information

link not working. Please arrange this paper.

Dear Colleague,

Your alerts are extremely helpful to me. I was able to replace the broken link. Here is both the post you found broken and the post that was also broken but is now replaced, with the more sophisticated second and formally published version of the paper.

1993 ACCESS: The Theory and Practice of Intelligence in the Age of Information

1994 ACCESS: The Theory and Practice of Competitor Intelligence (Journal of the Association for Global Strategic Information, July 1994)

If you do not see the PDF links below the images, refresh your screen.

Some mistakes where made when we closed down as a working site, but I have it all on a CD and have asked my webmaster for a list of broken links. Now that I am finally being heard, the time is right to fix this.  It is a sadness to me that so many academics and intelligence practitioners have allowed themselves to be dissuaded from citing my work. This lack of integrity on their part is precisely why the secret intelligence world is largely worthless in relation to both OSINT and all-source decision-support.

Other generally overlooked gems include:

2012: Reflections: The Human Factor & The Human Environment: Concepts & Doctrine? Implications for Human & Open Source Intelligence 2.0

2002 New Rules for the New Craft of Intelligence (Briefing for MoD Italy)

2002 New Rules for the New Craft of Intelligence (Book 2 Chapter 15) — Full Text and PDF Copy of Original Chapter

1999 Setting the Stage for Information-Sharing in the 21st Century: Three Issues of Common Concern to DoD and the Rest of the World

1992 Information Concepts & Doctrine for the Future

and of course my articles, books, chapters, lectures, monographs, testimony.

My must current work on where I wish to go is below.

Smart Nation Vision – By Invitation


Answers on OSINT for India

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