Valerie Bugault : French Public Support of President Donald Trump

Peace Intelligence

A French support committee to the re-election of Donald Trump

The re-election of President Trump is of vital interest to peace in Europe and the world.

Donald Trump is indeed the first President of the United States since 1988 to have undertaken no war, neither in Europe nor in the Middle East or elsewhere, while his immediate predecessors have raised no less than eight, including four for the only Obama.

On the contrary, Donald Trump largely calmed the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, bequeathed by his predecessors. The state of tension with Iran remains under control. And it was Trump who made the decision to destroy Daesh, during the battles of Mosul and Raqqa. He thus put an end to the hypocritical policy of Obama-Biden-Clinton which consisted in secretly supporting terrorist movements while pretending to fight them.

It is therefore to Donald Trump that we owe the present cessation of terrorism in Western Europe.

On the European continent, without ceding anything to Russia, still subject to a sanctions regime, Donald Trump has established a relative detente which can only reassure Western Europe, which would be the ideal scene of a major confrontation with the Russia.

Its economic policy results from the desire to rebalance the trade balance of the United States, which Europeans have been asking them for a long time. With regard to China, it has achieved significant results, the spinoffs of which benefit our economy.

End of terrorism, relative easing in the east, economic rebalancing with China, Europeans must be particularly grateful to the current President of the United States.

The return of the Democrats, supported by the Obama-Clinton-Biden networks, would mean the return of tensions in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and the risk of a resumption of attacks on our soil.
It is therefore in the vital interest of West Europeans, starting with the French, that Donald Trump be re-elected. This is why, on the initiative of Roland HUREAUX, president of Mouvance France, it was decided to organize a French Committee for the re-election of Donald Trump, the objective of which is to publicly provide him with broad support which he can to state in his campaign.

To do this, we call on all French people who share our analysis, wherever they come from, to join us, by responding to this message at .

Roland Hureaux, president
Valerie Bugault
Francis Choisel
Alain Corvez
Tarick dali
Rear Admiral (2s) Claude Gaucherand
Jean-Pierre Gerard
Guy de la Barthe
Alain Le Bihan
Elisabeth faure
Olivier Piacentini
Thomas zlowodzki

Phone. 0688952539

MOUVANCE FRANCE is an association unrelated to political parties which aims to bring together
skills and build an immediately applicable platform with a view to a work-study program.

Provisional office:
Roland Hureaux, president, spokesperson,
president of Mouvance France, essayist, former collaborator of Philippe Séguin and local elected
Valérie Bugault, economist
Francis Choisel, former general councilor, president of the Association for the Sovereignty of France
Alain Corvez, strategic analysis
Tarick Dali, Communication Advisor, Vice-President of the Free Right
Claude Gaucherand, Rear Admiral (2s) Jean-Pierre Gérard, Industrialist, Founding President of the Association of French World Export N ° 1, President of the G21 Club
Guy de la Barthe, former banker
Alain Le Bihan, parliamentary attaché
Elisabeth Faure, Deputy Secretary General of Mouvance France
Olivier Piacentini, jurist, essayist
Thomas Zlowodzki, financial advisor, local elected representative

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