Answers on OSINT for India 34 — M4I2 as Philosophy and Process Integrating Holistic Analytics, True Cost Economics, & Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE)


You ask, Is M4i2 a philosophy or a process (like C2)?

I want to answer that question in three ways:

M4IS2 is a philosophy.

M4IS2 is a process that must integrate Holistic Analytics (HA), True Cost Economics (TCE), and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE)

M4IS2 at the highest level is a spiritual alignment of humanity with all stellar civilizations, and a form of advanced education, intelligence (decision-support), and inter-disciplinary research intended to elevate all of humanity, equally, and all species with protection for their diversity, to the next level of being.

Whole of Government (WoG) and Smart Nation are two other concepts that bear on taking any given sovereign people to their highest level of potential.

Below is the one graphic that captures my thinking as it has evolved over the past thirty years of divergence from the unprofessional retardation and often criminal misbehavior of the secret intelligence agencies.

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Intelligence (Decision-Support) is not just a rational activity — most “rational” thinking is retarded by design, to include tolerance for being wrong, for not being authentic, inclusive, or truthful.  Properly done Intelligence (Decision-Support) must integrate the heart — feelings — and consciousness including compassion and intuition. The best intelligence is not black and white, it is nuanced and contextual and actionable on the day.

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I speak to your questions in a larger context in these two publications free online:

Robert Steele: Healing the Self & Healing the World – The Open Source Way (Trump Revolution 14)

Robert Steele: Reflections on Philosophy of Intelligence (Trump Revolution 18)

Among my most treasured books speaking the cosmic issue of the human mind in relation to the cosmos and Mother Earth are these:

I am also interested in Christian and inter-faith collectivism, community in Christ, and have been inspired by these two publications:

A very smart person with a PhD in Philosophy asked me recently if I was batshit crazy, my partial answer to him put forward the below two graphics showing how I think about the world, and the stages of intellectual growth and levels of play as I personally have experienced them, in the higher stages not directly but through others.

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Stages of Intellectual Growth, Five Levels of Play

  1. Truth assumed to be Default
  2. Lies known to be Default
  3. Consciousness is a Force for Good
  4. Everything is Energy in Some Form
  5. Stellar Civilizations Abound
  6. Frequencies Manage and Manifest Energy
  7. Time & Space Travel Achieved by Mind Control

Most of the US public, and most of the global public, is somewhere between levels 1 and 2.

5D Chess — what are the five levels being played?

LEVEL 1: Mundane daily bullshit the media focuses on – theatrics for dummies

  • Example: all the made up crap about deaths from COVID-19

LEVEL 2: Economic re-set, cyber-war

  • Example: NESARA/GESARA, quadrillions not just trillions, CN-RU-US in synch

LEVEL 3: Cultural warfare inclusive of mass propaganda, media lies, and mind-control

  • Example: all institutions are programmed against freedom and truth

LEVEL 4: Scalar warfare – energetics, gravitobiology, remote electromagnetic effects

  • Example: Russia starting fires on Chinese and US amphibious ships, remotely

LEVEL 5: Cosmic stellar civilizations and the epic battle of good (God) versus evil (Satan)

  • From Europe to Newtown CT to “Wonderland” under NYC, this is a cosmic war

Learn more:

My most current work on where I wish to go is below.

Smart Nation Vision – By Invitation


Answers on OSINT for India

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