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Please explain with illustrations and examples role of OSINT in all source analysis

It is irresponsible, unprofessional, and a betrayal of the public trust to ever task a classified collection channel without first establishing what can be known from open sources of information in all languages and mediums.

We do not do Whole of Government information sharing and we do not do Smart Nation information sharing. We do not do multinational information sharing.

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The three questions that should always be asked before tasking a secret collection channel are implied above:

01 Do we already know this? Where can we FIND this in our existing databases or human expert archipelago?

02 Can we GET this free from allies including non-governmental organizations, corporations, etcetera.

03 Can we BUY this (or most of this) from private investigators, information brokers, and other sources of open source information including academics?

AFTER all possible gains have been made from asking and acting on the first three questions should the fourth question be asked:

04 WHICH of our secret collection channels (HUMINT, SIGINT, IMINT, MASINT) is best able to go after what we need to know but cannot get from open sources? And if all of them, how do we manage them for best effect?

OSINT Competing Models

The current secret world approach to OSINT, on the left, is retarded and unprofessional.

At the analytic level, OSINT should provide the following as context for the all-source analyst as a manager of the topical intelligence process.

OSINT should be used by the all-source analyst to:

01 NOT use spies where a schoolboy will do.

02 AUTHENTICATE secret sources by validating, for example, human agent reports or signals intercepts or secret imagery, with what can be obtained from open sources.

03 PROTECT secret sources by devising “good enough” open sources that can be disseminated with confidence from unacknowledged secret sources.

04 REFINE what cannot be known from open sources that should be put into collection requirements for secret sources.

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As I wrote in the four seminal chapters below, OSINT is  the FOUNDATION for all-source intelligence, and OSINT is the fastest means of radically growing the now-retarded intelligence profession to the point where it can address all threats, all policies, all costs, in a continuous responsible manner.

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The existing leaders of the US secret intelligence community are retarded, unprofessional, and in some instances outright traitors in constant betayal of the public trust.

My most current work on where I wish to go is below.

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Answers on OSINT for India

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