Steven Vervaecke: Berty & Scuttlebutt — Mesh Messaging No Internet Web 3.0 Foundation Layer?

Autonomous Internet

In my opinion if you consider the current emerging web 3.0 technologies as next gen. Then this is the generation after that. This is almost identical in functioning as

It uses BLE which is Bluetooth to transfer data. And is highly functional in a densely populated area. The range of BLE is about 400m if its BLE 5.

This scuttlebut is considered the ultimate in decentralized Peer to Peer (P2P) technologies. BLE is the best tech to create mesh networks. This is the type of app spies would use, you need to be physically near your conversation partner, at the same time the biggest plus and min.

In short: It is valuable to have them onboard but their use case is still microscopic small.

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