Monkey Werx Video (1:09:09) SPECIAL WITH GARRETT ZIEGLER

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Alert Reader summarizes:

Garrett Ziegler relates in details what he observed of DC, the prevalent mentality (let's do whatever it takes to keep our job, ESPECIALLY not our work if there is any risk of stepping on toes we may need in the future), his interactions with Trump, his lawyers, the heavy bureaucracy, January 6 and his last talk with the president on January 19 and his conclusion that, if Trump has always been a skilled business man, he was not prepared to deal with the endemic inertia and back-stabbing, nor did he seem to have even been remotely aware that such could exist at any level of government, let alone in the White House. In that regard, he completely echoes Patrick Byrne: Trump's presidency was sabotaged from day one. His interview rings true and sincere and he is done for good with the East Coast. Garrett Ziegler is one of the two staffers who called Patrick Byrne on January 18.

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