Robert Steele: New Pedophilia Movie Featuring Tim Ballard, What Will It NOT Cover?


While there is no love in the trafficking and torture of children and therefore the word “pedophilia” is not accurate, it remains the primary search term and thus I will continue to use it. At Sean Stone's suggestion, we changed the title of the movie he is making to Satanic Empire because child trafficking and torture are a subset of the Luciferian world that controls the 1% but the book series, Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, and the Deep State will remain focused on children with Satan, Sodomy, and the Deep State as context.  On Saturday a subscriber to The Steele Report asked me about Tim Ballard, whom I had never heard of. I have subsequently found the movie trailer below:

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Here are some links on Timothy Ballard, whose heroic — but narrow — endeavors appear to be the subject of the movie using the same male lead as in The Passion of the Christ, Jim Caviezel

Based on my review of other videos the movie is focused on this one small operations that is — with the best of intentions — not educating the larger public on the depth and breadth of Satanic pedophilia as we have  sought  to do with the five book series that also is free online in full text translatable form with a tag cloud naming names.

The endeavor also appears to be a limited hang-out in that it is not taking on the raw fact that evil is pervasive and present in every organization at every location in the world. It is very unlikely that this new movie, as worthy as it might be, covers the ground that I covered in the below formal review:

or that Sean Stone will cover in his movie, Satanic Empire, for which raw interviews are already being posted here: or

Having said all that, with a tip of the hat to the subscriber that focused my attention on this, I am sure the movie will be brilliant at the micro level. It will not do the job at the macro level because the challenge is not to rescue children but rather to eradicate  the evil that causes all of our institutions to turn a blind eye or even worse, deliberately enable and  exploit and enjoy this crime against humanity.

Here are the four movies that illuminate the larger picture we need to see:

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