Who’s Who in Commercial Intelligence: David Lifshultz

Alpha I-L, Commercial Intelligence

David Lifschultz is the chief executive officer of Genoil Inc and a member of the board of directors. He joined Genoil in 2001 bringing more than 30 years of technology industry leadership, and executive management experience. Mr. Lifschultz is extremely well versed on the global macro and geopolitical dynamics affecting the energy sector.

He has previously led ifschultz Industries Inc. which was a high tech precision metrology company notable for developing heat measuring instruments that could measure heat to the nano degree; Lifschultz Fast Freight; Trans Air Freight Systems; Ocean Freight Forwarder, Wolf and Gerber brokerage clearing house, and Loretz & Co.

In relation to his various global enterprises, Mr. Lifshultz has pioneered both ethical overt commercial intelligence practices, and integrated human and passive data analysis to achieve holistic understanding inclusive of true cost economic in both the short and long term.

Official Biography

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