Energy Forecast Till The Lion’s Gate Portal, 2021


Author: Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 17, 2021

Energy Forecast Till The Lion’s Gate Portal

This energy forecast is a follow-up of my previous energy report:

Energy Report For February, Outlook For March 2021 (see more below fold)

It became necessary because after I wrote it, I received valuable additional information from my soul on the most likely timeframe of the Shift and all the changes and revelations that will be associated with it in this year of transition 2021.

The shift that we expect in the course of this year, will happen from within all human beings who are ascension candidates and this will reshape the reality on this planet forever. It will be an inner energetic phenomenon that will lead to reciprocal, mirror-image changes at the societal level and will transform the human race and its earthly civilization beyond recognition.

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