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Three Russian nuclear submarines surface within a reported 15 minute missile range of NYC and a video sent to NATO showing the Russians opening three ICBM missile hangers all in one week. Do you think the Russians are trying to send a message? Like maybe NATO should not play Russian Roulette?

As many know the American Gray Swans are predictable events that can shut down our supply chain for a long period of time that will cause an engineered famine. One of the most dangerous and concerning is the taking out of our electric grid. It is extremely vulnerable to attack. Taking out the NYC power grid would shut down Wall Street, the Financial Center, and the Credit Markets leading to a shutdown of the nation’s supply chain.

I recently received a newsletter from my friend Jonathan Hollerman. He is one of the top consultants in the country for Grid Down events, and is a rare retired Air Force SERE instructor. In his newsletter he discussed America’s vulnerability to the use of Chinese transformers in our electric grid that even shocked and surprised me. China proudly announced that their transformers exclusively power at least 10% of NYC.

Here is part of Jonathan’s March 2021 Newsletter – I consider it a very important read.

Lights Out

As I spoke about in a previous current event update video, China proudly announced that their transformers exclusively power at least 10% of NYC. And no one is reporting on this… nor do they see a problem with it.

Please take a minute to read this article before moving on through the newsletter as it gives backround details for these discussions. The article shares not only part of the problem with the Chinese transformers but lists where other known Chinese transformers are and what entities have purchased them. (This isn’t even discussing the corrupted SCADA and other tech equipment from China embedded in the other 90% of our HV transformers.)

It literally blows my mind that this information is not being shared.

The information NEEDS to be distributed to the local, state, and federal representatives in NYC. This is a matter of national security and is an immediate threat to the citizens residing in NYC (and the rest of the country as well.)

The main point here is that this Chinese company that supports 10% of New York City’s electric grid was part of a problem just LAST YEAR where one of their transformers was confiscated before making it to the destination. This brought about some questions.

Here’s what I mean:

This Wall Street Journal article from last year discusses that no one knows what happened in Sandia with the transformer and that “what engineers at Sandia found still isn’t publicly known.” My question is WHY? Why are the results of the testing so highly classified? This was over a year ago and nothing has changed. Clearly, this hints that there was evidence of malfeasance that posed a threat to National Security or the information wouldn’t be so highly classified.

This test was referenced when the previous administration issued its executive order on May 1, 2020 that “prohibited the acquisition and installation of bulk-power system electric equipment (such as generators, circuit breakers, metering equipment, generation turbines and industrial control systems) supplied by foreign adversaries” (even if the HV transformer was assembled in US friendly countries). What did Sandia Labs find in their testing to preempt the previous administration to issue that executive order? If the results of Sandia’s test of this transformer legitimized an executive order stating that using equipment from the Communist Republic of China:

• poses an undue risk of sabotage to or subversion of the design, integrity, manufacturing, production, distribution, installation, operation or maintenance of the “bulk-power system” in the United States;
• poses an undue risk of catastrophic effects on the security or resiliency of United States critical infrastructure or the economy of the United States;
• or otherwise poses an unacceptable risk to the national security of the United States or the security and safety of United States persons.

While that was a good start, what about the existing transformers with Chinese technology that are already inside America’s bulk power system?

Was it too burdensome to risk needing to replace billions of dollars of existing infrastructure? Are we putting our heads in the sand because a massive national security threat exists that would be embarrassing to the powerful electric utility lobby if discovered?

The same powerful lobbyists that have been telling everyone that there “is nothing to see here” and there is no threat. The same lobbyists who’ve spent 1.2 BILLION dollars over the last decade to prevent any federal oversite or regulation in their industry (that is only the amount spent on lobbying at the federal level and doesn’t include how much they spend lobbying at the local and state level). If we are concerned about new transformers being constructed with backdoors built into the technology by our adversaries, why aren’t we concerned about the existing transformers that we know are built with the same equipment and technology from the same country – the Communist Republic of China?

The article also continues to quote Jim Cai, a U.S. representative for the JSHP Transformer. I find it incredibly interesting how this article shows blatant bias as he is an employee and representative of the Chinese transformer company. He currently resides in San Jose, CA, but the JSHP Transformer company is actually located in Liyang City, Jiangsu province, China.

It’s no surprise that China or its representatives would never openly admit to installing malicious hardware and software into our transformers and try to minimize or discredit the risks of using their equipment. Of course he and the Chinese government would like to know everything that the US government found inside their Chinese-made transformer. They want to know exactly what we know and how we found it. This raises another question, “IF” there was no threat discovered, why can’t the electric utility industry be privy to the information?

The most frustrating part of this whole article is how misinformed they are about the hacking capability for transformers. This is the exact paragraph from the article:

“However, transformers hadn’t typically been seen as products that could be easily isolated and hacked. That is because they don’t contain the software-based control systems that foreign actors could access. They are passive devices that increase or reduce voltages in switchyards, substations and on power poles according to the laws of physics.”


This paragraph is patently false and provably so. The above paragraph is the official narrative put forth from the electric utility lobby (likely, to prevent any government oversite and perceived intrusion into their “self-regulated” industry) but it is not based facts and prior testing of our HV transformers that shows otherwise.

One example is the formerly classified, Project Aurora, which was leaked to the media and shows that SCADA equipment attached to HV transformers could be remotely cyberhacked to cause catastrophic damage to HV transformers and potentially even large-scale grid failure.

Amazingly, even though this information has been declassified, given to the electric utility companies, and an official directive from FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) to address the vulnerability was given to NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation – the self-regulating oversite board for our nation’s electric utilities) …thirteen years later, the mass majority of electric utility companies have still refused to fix or address this documented and very serious vulnerability to our grid and our national security. Allowing the electric utilities to continue to risk our national security under the guise of self-regulation is clearly not working and putting our nation at risk!

We are on borrowed time.

And if we cannot get anyone to look into these security threats, it will be lights out before we know it.

Again, if you haven’t read the first article I recommended, please do. It will shed more light on how many transformers are from China, where they are located, and what companies have been purchasing them.

Here is Jonathan’s Web Page – Link

Here is his March Current Events Video – Link

Here is one of his books that I consider a must have – Survival Theory

Back to the Gray Swans, continuing events leading to a possible conflict between NATO and Russia in Ukraine that may start WW III.

March 24, 2021 – Ukraine President Signs ORDER to Re-Capture Crimea from Russia . . . Kerch Bridge Now a “Target” – link

March 25, 2021 – Russian Army Moves Entire Railway Echelon of Armor to Ukraine Border – link

March 26, 2021 – Russia Sends NUCLEAR WARNING to United States . . – link


March 27, 2021 – US Makes Large Military Hardware Delivery To Ukraine's Army After Biden Pledged “Crimea is Ukraine” – link

March 28, 2021 – Not Covert Anymore! Russia Sends Trainload of Armor into Luhansk & Donetsk – link

March 30, 2021 – Massive Additional Russian Armor Trains into Crimea – link

March 31, 2021 – Russia Sends Message to NATO – Link

March 31, 2021 – France Military Document: “Society Must Prepare for War Casualties Not Seen Since WW2” – link

March 31, 2021 – Foreign Press: Ukraine's Army Chief of Staff announced the start of the campaign in Donbass – Link

March 31, 2021 – US military raises Europe threat level to ‘potential imminent crisis:’ report – link


In my opinion, if these reports are accurate, especially the last one, there will shortly be open war in Ukraine. The Kirsh Bridge is Russia’s access to their navel fleet at Sevastopol and there is no way they will give that up.

Ukraine is not a member of NATO so why is NATO getting involved. In my opinion, this looks like the Nazi/Khazarian elements of NATO attempting to start WW III.

Recall what I wrote in my last article – “I remind the readers that Russia now has a nuclear deterrent policy which allows Putin to use atomic weapons in response to a conventional strike targeting the nation’s critical government and military infrastructure – link.”

Do you think that the Russian Fleet stationed at Sevastopol and their access to it would be considered “critical government and military infrastructure”?

Add in that Russian now has an unstoppable nuclear Poseidon torpedo with a 5,000 mile range (across the Atlantic) that can create a 500 ft tsunami to take out either an aircraft carrier group or a coastal city – Link. Not a good time to invest in NYC, London, nor Tel Aviv real-estate.

This week (March 26, 2021) three Russian Nuclear submarines simultaneously popped out through the ice within a reported 15 minute missile range of New York City while a few days later Russia sent NATO a video showing the opening of three ICBM missile hangers. Has nobody heard of “From Russia with Love”?

Trying to explain these issues to New Yorkers is like trying to lead a conceited brainwashed donkey to water to drink. They have yet to figure out that if NATO goes to war with Russia they are most probably collateral damage. NYer’s totally ignore the massive amounts of Predictive Programming showing their destruction like 9-11 did not happen and all it’s Predictive Programming was fiction. Stupid is as stupid does.

We are positioned for a famine and virtually nobody is doing anything about it.

No Food = No America

J.C. Cole
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