Matt Ehret: A Journey with Jeff J. Brown Through China’s History, Political-economy and Culture

02 China

In our first official Rising Tide Foundation Podcast, Cynthia Chung and I had the good fortune to interview China Rising Radio's Jeff J. Brown on all things China.

In this extensive discussion, Jeff goes through the historic voyages of Admiral Zheng He generations before Columbus which brought commerce, culture and trade to Africa, Europe and even the Americas in order to understand China's current Maritime Silk Road program and foreign policy philosophy more generally. We also discuss the rise of Mao, Sun Yat-sen's leadership inspired by the example of Christ and Abraham Lincoln and also China's incredible ability to leap beyond the limited minds of geopolitical manipulators like Kissinger or Rockefeller under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping in order to bring about the most dramatic rates of development and progress ever witnessed in human history.

You can access Jeff's writings and podcasts HERE

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