JC Cole: WATER WARS: Manufactured Drought to cause Food Shortages, Climate Totalitarianism

Earth Intelligence

A Declaration of War on our Water Supply. Man has the ability to manipulate the weather, and has so for a very long time.

So with the severe drought in the western states, either someone is
using weather technology against us “We the People”, or they are not
using it for us. Either way we are in serious trouble.

Here is Christian – “The Ice Age Farmer” doing an excellent report on
the Water Wars.

Food is a combination of Water, Land, and Energy. All 3 are under attack.

Henry Kissinger – “Control Oil and you control Nations, control Food and
you control People”


Also, watch the Three Gorges Dam in China. They are having the opposite
effect, too much rain. If that dam breaks it will be a Global incident.

It seems humanity is under attack.


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