The Steele Report-Questions Being Answered on Spy Improv for Week Ending June 5, 2021


The Spy Improv Weekly Questions will be pre-recorded by Robert and posted TODAY (June 5, 2021) by 3 pm EST at


ARISE   is the tour enlightening anyone new? How important is it to have like-minded people be able to meet face to face and share ideas?

ARISE   Are you seeing many Democrat and other party supporters turning up to your tour? Or just Republicans?

ARISE  So glad to shake your hand and got your picture at the base of the Battle Mountian statue, great event – where has been your favorite venue so far?
ARISE   Please share your model for local and national engagement of Arise USA supporters.

ARISE   Will we get more live streams and updates? Where should we go to see them?

ARISE   What ARISE stop are you most looking forward to ?

ARISE   Why did the tour split?

ARISE   How will you handle flying [with COVID standards in place] to Alaska?

ARISE SUPPORT   I put a BIGBAT decal on my car! It looks awesome! Just wanted to share.

ARISE WORLD   What are the plans for ARISE World? When will that take place?

CANADA   Who is the official commander-in-chief of Canada?

CHINESE PRESENCE   DJT agreements with Putin and Xi! Do you think Chinese troops/huge Chinese presence in British Columbia is consistent with the security/independence of the USA?

ELECTION FRAUD   What will have to happen to get Biden out of the WH when/if the audits show fraud – what are the next steps?

ELECTION FRAUD   If the audits show fraud from 2020, will there then have to be lawsuits heard in court to get anything to happen next? What if they refuse to hear them again?

GOVT LEGALITY   If original constitution is not valid, and the 1871-constitution is invalid, (bankrupt,) is there anything legal in or-about-our current system?

MODERN PROPHETS   What do think of these prophets like Kim Clement, who passed, or others who claim to be hearing from God?

POLITICAL PARTIES   Political parties- why do you feel there should be many political parties?  Why should there be any at all?

POLITICAL PARTIES   How many political parties are there right now? How big should the party be to be allowed to participate in the debates?

SPY IMPROV   Please explain again how the Spy Improv will work while you are on the road – got no notification of Spy Improv this week

UN   Is the CCP and UN in Cupertino, California?


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