The Steele Report Questions Being Answered Today


   $1000 Donation   I have already donated $200. If I donate $1000 more to get into Mt Rushmore on July 4th, how will I know? An email?

10 DAYS OF DARKNESS 10 days of darkness -Real or not? I also hear 3 Day Blackout at
Which is it?

4th OF JULY Do we choose “Other” and enter $1,000 and you will know its for the Mt Rush access pass? Is this correct?

Buying 2 Passes 4th OF JULY If you live stream a group prayer from Mt. Rushmore, will you let us know ahead of time the approximate when, and where, we can watch so we can pray with you?

ANA GARDNER  Please interview a Constitutional Lawyer who's filed three lawsuits to free the people from Covid Tyranny. NewMexican Ana Gardner

ANNUNAKIS   Are the delays around Trump returning due to ET forces in plan (Annunaki)?

ARISE   Do you need help with Sacramento, CA? It is a liberal shit hole. You might have issues.

ARREST BIDEN   given the global nature of the Trump comeback, might a solution to awake the masses be for Interpol to arrest Biden?

ARRESTS   I have read emails from a Michael Baxter – He suggests arrests are being made. Are you aware of the arrests and executions being made? I.e. John Podesta &JohnBrennan!

BEING LABELED DOMESTIC TERRORIST  Should we be concerned with being labeled a domestic Terrorist if we participate with the Arise Tour?

CHEMTRAILS   Why do we see so many Chemtrails spraying recently if the Whitehats are in charge? Especially Europe full of it (June 16-18)

COMMENT   Don't be weighed-down by thoughts of not fulfilling your Steele Report obligations. We understand. It's temporary. We support and appreciate all that you are doing.

COVID VACCINES   Is there a way to stop the FDA from approving Covid bio-weapon “vaccines”? If approved what recourse do people have that want to refuse it?

FAUCI   Is Fauci wanted? and is he on the run, as stated in alternative news?
FBI based on latest revelations about FBI involvement in the 1/6 protest-do you still believe the FBI can be saved-looking really bad

GLOBALIST POWER   Is the elimination of the underworld human slavery, and drug trade necessary for an end to the Globalist power/ world globalist domination? How's that going?

KEEPING FAITH   If nothing big happens by July 5th, would you blame us for throwing in the towel for any hope of pulling out of this Biden mess?

LAPTOPS   It seems keeping sensitive matters on a laptop is totally safe. Note laptops from Hunter Biden, Anthony Weiner, and Seth Richards. Will we ever know?

RE-EDUCATION   We are going to have to unlearn almost every single thing we have ever been taught. Healing will take decades IMO. What are your thoughts?

TRUTH ABOUT CABAL   Are the 2 makers of Truth about Cabal OK or not ok? someone said they dissapeared June 14th? ,Jane and cynthia?

WE HAVE IT ALL   If everything is declassified and we have it all – Where is it? A lot more declass & We have it all? Seems its past time!

WHITE HATS   Who are your pics as top military white hats on our side (the side of justice and truth)?


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