The Steele Report- Spy Improv Weekly Questions Being Answered Today

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Book   Where can I get your 7 CIA book that you wrote?

Comment   What you’re doing is AMAZING! Please focus as much as you can on the tour and don’t run yourself into the ground!

Corruption   at top Will we ever be rid of corruption at the top of our 3-letter agencies, FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, DOD, DHS, etc.? How do we combat?

David Chipman   This crazy is a dangerous Biden pick for Director of ATF. Biden continues on path of destruction. How will this end?

Doctors   How do we get the Government out of our health care. MY Doctor and his group are pushing the shot.

FBI   I read that FBI knew in advance of 11 shooting/terrorist events resulting in 3,350 deaths plus other collusion. I believe, do you?

God   (Burley). “Previously, God was an abstract …but now you met Jesus in heartland [paraphrased]”. What happened?

McAfee   What do you know of John McAfee’s death? Weren’t you two friends?

Medical Help after jab   What do doctors recommend to combat adverse symptoms after taking the covid vaccine? Anything besides the pine needle tea? Please share sources to research.

Miami Condo Collapse   Are there weapons that could bring down buildings like the condo in Miami? Collapse looks very suspect to me.

Mt Rushmore   How are you going to get people ushered in and out of the park for the 4th if there are 2 segments?

Pence    If/when Trump/Pence are declared the winners, what will become of Pence’s position of Vice President?

People not parties   You advocate for the destruction of both parties: People not parties; be specific. What will replace our bicameral check and balance invented by the Framers?

Sacha   Why did Sacha leave the tour?

Shedding   Doctors say Shedding of the vaccine effects the non vaccinated which would include deep state. So why would they subject themselves to this?

Steele Report   Don’t worry about the Steele Report. You inspire me with your determination to fulfill your obligations. I’m sending much love and prayers!

Steele Report   Paying $11 for a once-a-week Spy Report is a bargain. No worries about SR. Thank you for all you are doing and God Bless!

Top Concerns   Robert, what would be your top 2 worries about the state of our country? A 3rd if you wish.

Trump   Do you feel Pres. Trump has been bribed, brainwashed and/or blackmailed? Sure seems like it to me! Total sellout to Israel and the pharmaceutical companies.

UNRIG hats   Where can I get an UNRIG hat?





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