The Steele Report – Weekly Questions Being Answered Today – June 12, 2021


 2016 ELECTION Since we now know that all the U.S. elections since JFK’s assassination have been rigged, how is it that Trump won the election in 2016?

ARISE Thanks for the Denver stop! See you in South Dakota too! Not missing that one. Where can we find Karen’s music?

ARISE  I’m so impressed with how you have maintained focus for this effort. See you with support in Mt Rushmore and Boston! What do you need?

ARISE  Are the live events being streamed? I looked many times but couldn’t find them easily.

ARISE AWRY  We love you, but sad to hear that 3 of the most enlightened patriots around can’t work out their differences.

ARISE CONVERSATIONS  What measurable tasks are your audiences taking back to their communities? Where can they get assistance to implement those tasks? i.e. The Precinct Strategy, etc.

BIDEN EUROPE  Biden went to Europe? How did he get there? AirForce One? What do we believe at this point?

BOOK REVIEW   Have you read the book Exposing the Giants: The Global Power Elite?

COMMENT   My personal struggles for truth with friends and family make me appreciate you even more

DAVID MARTIN   Your February interview with David Martin was epic. I suggest you interview him every month.

DONATION TO TOUR   I donated to Scott McKay BECAUSE he was with Arise USA, not go out on his own. I feel he should return donations. What are your thoughts?

GREAT RESET   Could the “great reset” be another form of the Nesara/Gesara project or are they rather antinomic, enemy programs ?

ISRAEL   Do you have an opinion on the change of leadership in Israel, and what effect it will have geo-politically, and/or for the cabal?

JUAN O SAVIN  Where is Juan?

JUAN O SAVIN   Any updates from Juan?

JUAN O SAVIN   You mentioned that Juan O Savin expected a “gut punch” event before things are over. Would you explain? Or, interview him and ask him?

NOT BE DENIED   When you suggested “drop 1000 people on any school board…” How will these groups of 1000, be prepared to “not be denied”, and how many groups do you estimate will be required?

SPY IMPROV COMMENT  We support you – don’t leave Spy Improv. We will wait and we pray for your success

SPY IMPROV COMMENT  Thank you for getting caught up with the questions, even though it has been a challenge. That shows that you care!

TOUR MISSION   In your Tour Mission and Purpose, you suggest Empowering them with truthful information, which implies an education piece. What does this look like?

TOUR MISSION   What is the mechanism for engagement and education? How does one discover who is in this community?

YOUR WELFARE You look thinner and tired. You got to find 30 minutes a day to go within for peace. Bless you

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