Yoda: Arise USA rally rolls through Grant County


Arise USA rally rolls through Grant County

Nearly 40 people showed up to encourage people to get more involved with their government at the local level at the Grant County Fairgrounds Thursday

The goal of the Arise USA tour, organizer Robert David Steele said, is to unite 99% of the country against the 1% in government, who he said no longer represent the people.

Steele, a former spy with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, said the group got on the road May 7 and would be at Mt. Rushmore for Independence Day with events planned throughout the country through at least August.

The group’s grievances ranged from COVID-19 restrictions to alleged election fraud to satanic pedophilia and critical race theory.

Emceed by radio host Trent Loos from Nebraska, featured speakers included Kevin Jenkins, the Urban Global Health Alliance founder, and local speaker Dave Traylor.

Traylor, who spoke first, talked about local issues. He said the county has gone from doing active forestry work and stewardship of the forest to now doing “very little of it.” Traylor said devastating fires have “eaten up” a significant portion of the county.

“Now we look at fire as fire season,” he said. “Unfortunately, fire has become big business. And big business requires big fires. This is happening all through the West.”

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