ZeroHedge: Problem-Reaction-Solution: #UNRIG From COVID-19 Medical Tyranny


As we descend into global medical tyranny, fight back side-by-side with Robert David Steele to #UNRIG from the broken political system.

Check out the #UNRIG schedule – including an explosive July 4th stop at Mount Rushmore – to see where we’re headed next.

Imagine, for a moment, your reaction if a friend had told you in March 2020 that 1/3 of US businesses would be closed within a year, or that the US economy would collapse by 3.5%, or that you would need an app on your phone proving “vaccine status” to watch a baseball game: you probably wouldn’t have believed them. You might have even called them a “conspiracy theorist.”

Yet, we see all of that has unfolded, and more. How did we get here?

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