The Steele Report- Spy Improv Weekly Questions Being Answered Today (July 3, 2021)

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BINNEY    Do you really think Binney, king of metadata, was suckered by a spy?

CERTIFICATE    I donated $100.00 months ago…have not received my cert.

CLIMATE WARS    The NW is experiencing the most serious heat wave in history, and three earthquakes hit the San Fran area after Trump’s warning to Big Tech. Any connections here?

CLIMATE WARS    What are your insights as per the manufactured drought as a weapon of the dark hats? What are the chances of recovery this summer?

CLUB K MISSILE CONTAINERS    Does anyone have any idea of how many of these Club K Missile Container systems may have been smuggled in through our Ports over last 10 years? Military weapons for terrorists?

COMMENT    We appreciate your intel and answers to Questions we want to know about.

DECODE BOOK    Decoding On Intelligence: Spies and Secrecy In An Open World- doesn’t plainly say Rothschild, Rockefeller or etc owns this, is there a way to decode the book or another book to read before it

DEW    Targeting with DEWs is as big as Pedogate

FAKE MSM    Do you believe it is possible to really bring down the fake, corrupt, biased, foreign-controlled MSM? Would Starlink be involved if so? thanks

GEN FLYNN    Is General Flynn Q?

GOV DESANTIS    Like-minded people need to work at county level, agreed. You point to MyPatriotsNetwork. That site is suggesting recall of Governor DeSantis! Really? Your take?

GRID    Our power grid could be hit with an EMP or cyber attack at any time. Is your caravan prepared for short term or longer term?

ITNJ    Are you still involved with ITNJ and have they ever brought justice for the victim witnesses?

JUAN OSAVIN    Is it time to tell Juan we need some action or people will administer the Law themselves..

MISS PIGGY    Robert, I'm concerned about Miss Piggy. Is she well? I haven't seen her in quite a while. I hope she's well. 😉

PENCE    Pence was handed a key or token after ‘certifying' the electors on 1-6-2021. Who handed it to him and was this his $ payoff?

POTENTIAL INVASION    What is the probability of the US being invaded from the South by Chicoms, drug cartels, other adversaries?

RUSSIA    Is there a plan here to instigate kinetic conflict with Russia, good idea to blanket respectfully approaches to military bases banners “No War over Crimea!”?

SANDY HOOK    I always believed SH was a setup to ramp up gun control. Were the killings real or just faked in your opinion?

TSR    Thank you for all you are doing for the Steele Report. I like the short video updates. You're looking good!!!

VACCINE    Hi Robert! Thanks for your updates <3 How concerned are you about the looming mass extinction event from vaccines/shedding?

VACCINE    Why do you think President Trump brags about how fast COVID “vaccines” were developed? Could he be unaware of their dangers and they're not vaccines?

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