The Steele Report – Weekly Questions Being Answered Today (7/31/21)

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BANKS & VAX     Which banks are the most/least likely to close your account (with your money in it) because you are not vaccinated?

BEN FULFORD     Are you still doing weekly videos with Ben Fulford? Could you explain how you came to trust his information? Thank you

CORN     Driving Tennessee to Mt. Rushmore – We found too much corn being grown. Juan talks a lot about corn. Thoughts ?

DARPA & HAARP    Its a drought in the west of Canada as well as the US. Is there any way to “TURN OFF” HAARP and DARPA bloodlessly?

DEEP STATE     The Deep State sends the narrative everyday at 4:00 am.
Is The Epoch Times one of their recipients?

FIVE STAR TRUST     Will you give us your take on 5 Star Trust, where to get solid Intel, anything worth researching, current status, mission, etc.?

GOP     Why would you want to destroy the established Republican Party when Trump is well into the process of culling the RINOs?

HOW ARE YOU FEELING     Thanks a million for being such an important part of the awakening. Many prayers to you and everybody there. How do you feel? 🙂

JUAN O SAVIN      Is Juan to be trusted? I sense that something isn't right about him. Nothing he has predicted has come to fruition. Wasn’t he outed by another journalist in the past?

JUAN O SAVIN     So….It sounds like Juan O Savin FUCKED YOU OVER as well? Hmmm. I have always thought he was delaying EVERY Patriot from ACTING IN DEFENCE.

JUAN O SAVIN     Did Juan give the $ he promised and if not have there been reasons given from him to stop the assistance of the tour.

MSM     What mechanism or event will finally break through the mass CNN/ABC/CBS/Fox hypnosis and stranglehold on the public?

MSM     When will my patriotic, adamant Democrat friends hear some news on MSM about election rigging, pedophile, blood draining and cannibalism? They dismiss it otherwise

REAL RAW NEWS     Can you comment on the recent sensational stories from Real Raw News, including the execution of Hanks, the suicide of Rumsfeld at his tribunal, and others?

SIT BACK & ENJOY     Everyone says to sit back and enjoy the movie. But where and how? Fox seems good. How about MSM? Am I missing something?

TOUR     Honored to have met you and be a part of the last stop. Finally able to watch 7/24update. Said tour details on Monday. No notice yet

TRUMP     How likely do you think it is that Trump will be widely recognized as President by next month?

WE HAVE IT ALL     If “We have it all”, what if I DON'T WANT TO BE SACRIFICED…”for the betterment of all”? How do “WE” fight back so we DON'T DIE?

WH JUDAS     There is going to be a Judas. Someone trusted in the White Hat inner circle. Who do you think it may be?





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