Zerohedge: Robert David Steele on the State of #UNRIG, Next Steps to Advance the Populist Fight


Robert David Steele on the State of #UNRIG, Next Steps to Advance the Populist Fight

Excerpts from The Daily Bell’s July 2021 interview with #UNRIG tour founder Robert David Steele on the state of #UNRIG and next steps in the populist revolution, alternatively known as the Great Upset.

Q: Let’s start here: what highlights/victories has the #UNRIG tour accomplished so far from your perspective?

“Our most important success has been  the formal announcement of five Constitutional Counties with another five about to be announced.  Sheriff Richard Mack has been working on this since 1994, the tour put his grand ideas over the top.  I expect 100 Constitutional Counties by the end of the year — counties  that enforce the Bill of Rights and refuse to enforce unconstitutional federal and state laws achieved through bribery, blackmail, and brainwashing of public officials.

Materially, we drove five wrapped coaches and a gear truck (a technical Red Flyer bus replaced once coach from Mount Rushmore on) over 20,000 miles, visiting 34 states, making 56 stops, presenting over 90 speakers including many local speakers around a permanent party of five, and we have reached millions via videos that are being replicated and in some cases translated into foreign languages.  We have given substance — we have offered solutions — to the populist revolution.

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