Taking Back Our Media Starts Locally


On today's CSPOA Posse Members Webinar, Jack Mullen visits with Sam Bushman discussing more struggles Americans are facing during these uncertain times. Sam and Jack discuss the overwhelming propaganda Americans are flooded with on a regular basis on platforms such as television, newspaper, Internet, and other mainstream media outlets.

However, there are solutions to change it all and ways to fight back against the total dictation of the mainstream media and controlling AP press.

Jack discusses the fact that radio, television, and newspaper stations are for sale all over the country and are currently being ran with national automated systems loaded with constant propaganda and lies. As a radio station owner and engineer for over 30 years, he says those who can purchase those stations can help rebuild them to be brought back to localized county real news and journalism exposing real truths and necessary investigations within each community across America.

Jack and Sam also give an update to the election fraud as it has been discovered a Michigan voting machine has turned up on e-bay for sale. The authorities have been notified and an investigation is underway. The Sheriffs that are working towards a thorough investigation are being heavily ridiculed and hated in the mainstream media, especially those Sheriffs who are standing the line and upholding their Oath to the People against corruption and tyranny.

Robert had the greatest respect for Sheriff Mack and felt like the CSPOA was truly part of the solution for the problems facing America now.  Here is an update on the CSPOA. – Jack Mullen

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