Stephen E. Arnold: Google News is What Google Wants It To Be…. #GoogleGestapo

Google News: Not So Much News As Control and Passive Aggressive Offense I read “One Analyst’s Attempts to Demystify the Types of Traffic Google Sends Publishers.” The write up explains some of the clever ways Google manages its traffic and any related data linked to the traffic and content objects. To put it another way, …

Berto Jongman: Twitter Deletes 2,000 Pro-Venezuelan Accounts & Gab in Meltdown. Can the New Attorney General Spell Deep State RICO Investigation? #GoogleGestapo

Twitter Erupts After 2,000 Pro-Venezuelan Accounts Are Deleted Gab Is in Full Meltdown, and Founder Andrew Torba Blames the ‘Deep State’

ZeroHedge: SPLC Sued by Gavin McInnes for Defamation — Rising Interest in Using Federal Courts to Take Down ADL, SPLC, and Any Vendor that DePlatforms in Violation of Free Speech and Title 7 #GoogleGestapo

“Frothing With Bigots”: SPLC Sued By Gavin McInnes For Defamation Conservative pundit and VICE Media co-founder Gavin McInnes as filed a lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) after they deemed his right-wing fraternal organization, the Proud Boys, a hate group. McInnes’s attorney, Ron D. Coleman, filed a 61-page complaint in Sunday evening in the Middle District of Alabama, …

#GoogleGestapo: Dennis Prager – ‘We Are in a Dark Age’ Because Left Controls Silicon Valley

Dennis Prager: ‘We Are in a Dark Age’ Because Left Controls Silicon Valley “There is no update on [our lawsuit against Google],” said Prager. “But I can only say — and I can’t say how I know — they are worried. I can only tell you that.” Read full article.

Berto Jongman: #GoogleGestapo Surveillance Capitalism Google Sister Company Sells Live Location Data from Millions of Cellphones

“Surveillance Capitalism”: Google Sister Company To Package And Sell Location Data From Millions Of Cellphones A subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet, Sidewalk Labs, is using real-time mobile location data from millions of cellphone users collected over long periods of time in order to help urban planners make critical decision on transportation and land use. …

#GoogleGestapo: Open Standards End Facebook

Open standards can disrupt Facebook’s messaging monopoly Facebook’s messaging services . . . run on closed standards and don’t play nice with platforms created by third parties. Is there a way out? Pranesh Prakash – a Fellow at the Center for Internet and Society, as well as a Fellow at the New America think tank …

Robert Steele with Angie Blake: America 2.0 Update — Open Source Intelligence, #UNRIG Election Reform, Pedophilia — Terminating #GoogleGestapo — Indictment of Clintons AND Robert Mueller

 Click for Full-Screen Version with Comments Election Reform Extract (2:06) @ Bitchute Mueller Indictment Extract (1:26) @ Bitchute Other Audio-Visual Interviews with Robert David Steele

David Icke: Zionist NeoCons, Controlled Narrative, Vaccine Eugenics #GoogleGestapo

EXPOSED: ‘NewsGuard’ organization founded by globalists to censor independent media has ties to pro-Monsanto American Enterprise Institute propagandists Measles VACCINE linked to 127 deaths in last 15 years; only two deaths linked to humans who contracted measles naturally in that same period

Penguin: Facebook Fraud #GoogleGestapo Core Value

Facebook Slides After Report Claims 50% Of Its Users Are Fake Facebook Ripped Off Game-Playing Kids And Their Parents In Multi-Year “Friendly Fraud” Scheme Internal Facebook Memo Reveals The Company Encouraged ‘Friendly Fraud’ When parents found out how much their children had spent – one 15-year-old racked up $6,500 in charges in about two weeks playing games on Facebook …