State of the Nation: Jon Rappoport on New Attacks Planned Against President Trump as “Science Denier” Because of His Refutation of Fake Pandemic and CDC LIes

CIA’s Mockingbird Media Bares the Long Knives for Trump COVID: The Media Dragons are out for Trump’s blood Trump crossed another line. He spoke about wanting to turn the economy back on by Easter. He said the cure (locking down the country) isn’t supposed to be worse than the disease.

Robert Steele: England Lied — CDC Lied — Coronavirus Fake Pandemic Model Numbers Drastically Downgraded to Normal Flu

Coronavirus Model Drastically Downgrades Projection This was not an accident.  This was a malicious lie sanctioned by the British Government and actively spread across global media by MI-6 and CIA to create a global panic in tandem with the City of London and Wall Street doing massive amounts of insider trading both in advance (dumping …

Robert Steele: False Models, Failed US Intelligence, Perfidious CDC, Create State & Local Fear, Panic and Seriously Stupid Decisions on Virus (While Ignoring 5G)

I am just shaking my head.  The President and I knew all this in early February. What the President did not have was the team in place to smash these lying assholes intent of creating a $20 trillion meltdown with pure fearmongering. Inaccurate Virus Models Are Panicking Officials Into Ill-Advised Lockdowns