BREAKING: Robert Steele Just Published in Tehran Times & Russian International Affairs Council “Who is winning in USA? Trump or Pelosi? Was a coup averted? What is next?”

Tehran Times: Who is winning in USA? Trump or Pelosi? Was a coup averted? What is next? Russian International Affairs Council: Who Is Winning in the USA? Trump or Pelosi? Was a Coup… Full text with links below the fold.

Robert Steele: Khashoggi False Flag CIA Princes Bandar Turki Coup Against Trump & MbS UPDATE 20: Saudi Lead on Alledged Murder a Zionist Asset?

SHORT URL: UPDATE 20: Saudi Lead on Alledged Murder a Zionist Asset? UPDATE 19: Sybel Edmunds in Turkey Confirms CIA-Mossad False Flag Fake Girlfriend, No Body UPDATE 18: The CIA lied about the Russians hacking the election, could they be lying (or deceived by the Zionists) on MBS’s role? President is CORRECT to say …

Mongoose: The Emerging Violent Coup Against Trump

President is winning, assassination is still on the table, but the Deep State appears to be acutely aware that an assassination of the President would bring out the pitchforks and every mansion of every billionaire will be burned to the ground while every private jet is shot out of the sky by veterans. Coming Coup …

Jerome Corsi: Explaining Trump, the Military “Legal” Coup, Q Anon, Mueller Investigation, Zuckerberg Testimony [Via InfoWars and Alex Jones]

Roger Stone: Soft Coup Continues — 25th Amendment Play, Pence in the Lead?

THE COMING 25TH AMENDMENT PLAY TO TAKE DOWN TRUMP Would Vice President Mike Pence sign-on to such a coup d’état? The desire to be president does strange things to men. We know that Pence demurred in the wake of the NBC /Billy Bush revelations, refusing to take candidate Trump’s call at the same time party …

Jon Rappoport: FBI White Hats Stopping Coup?

Are FBI “patriots” getting ready to expose the corrupt Mueller probe? There are two parts to this article. Part one was written before the recent wave of Mueller-FBI demotion, retirement, and reassignment among key personnel. Part one is a kind of roadmap for whistleblower groups. A way to succeed. Part two comments on the extraordinary …

Julian Assange: Mike Pence is a Traitor, Stabbing Donald Trump in the Back — Deep State in Final Stages of a Coup Against Trump

Julian Assange Just Warned of a Deep State Coup Meant to Install Mike Pence as President The founder of WikiLeaks is warning the public about a Deep State plot to overthrow Trump, and install Mike Pence as President of the United States. The tweet:

Matt Bracken with Alex Jones: Trump Beat the Coup

 Second interview below the fold.

Robert Steele: Trump Counter Coup In Play, Deep State, Pedophiles, Satanists Are Toast

CENSORED by YOUTUBE, REPLACED IMMEDIATELY BY BITCHUTE. Steele Robert, with Angie and Jim Blake, “Trump Counter Coup In Play, Deep State, Pedophiles, Satanist Are Toast,” Victurus Libertas (BITCHUTE, 42:35), November 15, 2017. CENSORED BY YOUTUBE Other Audio-Visual Interviews with Robert Steele (Almost all deleted YouTubes now replaced by BitChute videos)